Flaster Greenberg lawyers efficiently resolve disputes. Whether taking a case to trial, handling alternative dispute resolution or counseling clients to avoid litigation, Flaster Greenberg lawyers achieve their clients’ objectives. Our experienced trial lawyers successfully handle a wide range of business disputes, from complex transactional disputes to insurance and environmental matters to intellectual property litigation. We represent our clients in federal and state courts locally, regionally and throughout the country. Our attorneys regularly go toe-to-toe with the biggest law firms in the nation, and prevail.

We are not just fighters. We are business lawyers, too, never forgetting that what matters most is obtaining a result in the client’s best interests. We understand the risks and costs associated with litigation and seek to minimize the collateral effects on our clients while vigorously protecting and advancing their interests. Our goal in litigation is to achieve results consistent with the business goals of our clients, rather than allow the litigation process to take on a life of its own. In addition, Flaster Greenberg's litigators are experienced in arbitration, mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, knowing when such alternatives may offer an advantage over courtroom litigation, especially in terms of resolving a dispute promptly and at a lower cost.



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