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Transparent Compensation

Unlike most law firms, shareholder compensation at Flaster Greenberg is not determined by a subset of shareholders; but rather, by an objective formula equally applied to all shareholders. The effect on the firm of having this form of compensation system is dramatic. The typical politics present at many firms is absent. New shareholders need not worry about alliances, voting blocks or existing loyalties among more senior attorneys. 

As discussed above, shareholder compensation is determined by an objective formula. Our compensation formula tracks each shareholder's production (cash collected on a shareholder's time), client responsibility or "minding" (cash collected on files that the shareholder manages) and originations (cash collected on files originated by the shareholder). Each year, the shareholders determine the total amount available for distribution. 

The administration of the compensation formula involves quite an extensive spreadsheet and the firm has modified the formula to address contingent fees, associate profit and certain firm service by shareholders. However, and most important, the formula is applied equally to each shareholder. The primary benefits of the compensation formula are:

Our belief is that when shareholders are treated as business owners, they act like owners and have a genuine concern for the long-term health and success of their business.

For more information, contact Karen Roberts, Director of Human Resources, by emailing recruiting@flastergreenberg.com



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