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Women's Initiative

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


Women's INITIATIVES at fg

Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Initiative is a forum with the mission of promoting our women attorneys to the highest levels of business development, professional growth and personal satisfaction. 

Recently, the firm focused on expanding the efforts of the Women's Initiative consistent with its mission. The consensus was that the best way to achieve this was to increase active participation in the Initiative and use it to provide opportunities for our women attorneys to make the most of our resources in developing career goals.

Designed by and for our women attorneys, this program brings together women from across the firm to:

Each of Flaster Greenberg’s women attorneys takes pride in her ability to provide exceptional service and outstanding results for our clients. But our women attorneys also take pride in being a team.  To help our women attorneys achieve balance among all of life’s varied demands, the Women’s Initiative provides a forum to raise the issues we face, develop solutions, provide support and strengthen our ability to achieve career success. We work to overcome statistics for women in the law, and provide a support network to help our women attorneys so that we can remove the glass ceiling and no one has to break it.

women's history month - march 2021

In honor of Women's History Month,
we wanted to acknowledge some of the amazing women here at FG. The value they bring to the firm, our clients and the community is remarkable, and we are proud to have them on our team! 

Meet Tami Bogutz Steinberg, Chair, Business & Corporate Department 

Question: What are some tips to maintaining a "balancing act" of dealing with remote work/school/care-giving, etc during this pandemic? 

Answer: As a busy corporate attorney and the single mother of a tween daughter, this past year has definitely had its unique challenges. I have found that most clients are extremely understanding when you have to put them on hold because a child walks in the room with a question, or the dog barks. In fact, many clients are dealing with similar challenges. That being said, I’ve had to get a lot more creative with my time management, setting aside time to help my daughter with her school work more so than in the past, scheduling zoom meetings during the classes for which I know she won’t need to come to me for assistance, and now that she’s back in school and I have to chauffeur (as a result of not having a bus or sitter this year), scheduling calls during the drives. And finally, I also work later at night when she’s on the phone with friends or watching TV. But I do find it very important to put the phone away during dinner and post-dinner family time. It is essential to have down time, as working from home, parenting, and stepping in as an at-home teacher can become overwhelming if you don’t take time for self-care. One upside I have seen this past year is that it has lent itself to most clients and attorneys becoming much more flexible, adaptable and understanding regarding external distractions that many of us are dealing with, rather than treating them as an unreasonable intrusions as in the past.

Tami Bogutz Steinberg is chair of Flaster Greenberg's Business & Corporate Department and a member of the firm's Board of Directors. For over 30 years, scores of business owners, entrepreneurs and closely held businesses across a wide range of industries have turned to Tami as their trusted legal advisor. She is known as one of South Jersey and Philadelphia’s leading business and corporate attorneys. She represents businesses in all stages of their business life cycle, from formation through dissolution or sale. Her practice encompasses mergers and acquisitions, financings, joint ventures, partnership and shareholder transactions, contracting, dispute resolutions, corporate governance and private placements. 

Meet Kelly Barry, Corporate & Tax Law Attorney

Question: What are some tips to maintaining the “balancing act” of dealing with remote work/school/care-giving, etc during this pandemic?

Answer: The lines between work and home have become even more blurred during the pandemic. As a new attorney who is also working towards an LL.M. in Taxation, it can be challenging balancing work, class, studying, and maintaining a semblance of normalcy in my relationships with friends and family. The best thing I have done is scheduled time for Zooms, phone calls or socially distanced meet ups (when possible) with the people who mean the most to me. Maintaining these connections gives your mind the break it needs from work and can provide much needed perspective. It’s easy to overly fixate on work when home has also become your designated work space, but making time for friends and family, even virtually, has helped enormously during this extremely isolating time. This same rule applies for working in time for exercise, relaxing, and other forms of self-care - if it matters to you, make time for it! Your mental health (and overall productivity) will thank you.

Kelly M. Barry is a member of the firm’s Business and Corporate Department and Taxation Practice Group assisting clients in a wide range of corporate matters, including those involving transactional law, tax, and trusts and estates.  

Prior to joining Flaster Greenberg, Ms. Barry served as a law clerk to the Honorable Jeanne Covert, Assignment Judge for the New Jersey Superior Court in Burlington County and as a judicial extern for the Honorable Elizabeth Hey, Federal Magistrate Judge.

Meet Meghan C. Moore, Insurance Recovery Law Shareholder

Question: Can you tell us about a woman that has inspired you?

Answer: As a girl growing up in Montana, I was inspired by Jeannette Rankin, the first woman elected to the United States Congress.  She served as a U.S. Representative from Montana beginning in 1916, four years before the Nineteenth Amendment guaranteed women the right to vote.   She was poised and fearless.  She introduced her first bill, the Susan B. Anthony amendment to guarantee and protect women’s suffrage in the Constitution, on her first day in office.  Women won the right to vote nationally four years later. While I do not agree with every position she advocated, I admire her determination and commitment to making a difference in the world around her. Jeannette Rankin was a trailblazer and activist, not only for women’s rights, but also for improving working conditions for laborers and health care for women and infants.

Meghan C. Moore is a member of Flaster Greenberg’s Insurance Recovery and Litigation Practice Groups, and serves on the firm's Board of Directors. She represents both businesses and individuals in complex coverage and bad faith disputes with their insurance companies. Her civil trial practice includes all aspects of civil litigation, including trial, mediation, arbitration and appellate practice in state and federal courts. She concentrates on helping companies secure coverage for defense and indemnity when facing high stakes litigation and assists them in recovering property and business interruption benefits when they suffer catastrophic losses from natural disasters. Her practice includes representing policyholders in disputes under commercial general liability, commercial property, fidelity, directors and officers, errors and omissions, and securities liability insurance policies.

Meet Nicole A. Josephy, Insurance Recovery Law Attorney

Question: What does Women’s History Month mean to you?

Answer: For me, Women's History Month is a reminder of the courageous women that came before me and the ones that stand next to me. I am filled with gratitude for the women who paved the way against adversity, not only professionally but in my personal life. My mother raised me and my three sisters all on her own. She taught us the endurance, willpower, and strength of a woman. This month, and every month, I am grateful.

Nicole A. Josephy is a member of Flaster Greenberg’s Insurance Recovery and Litigation Departments focusing her practice on complex civil litigation and represents individual and business policyholders in insurance coverage litigation in both state and federal courts. Headquartered in FG's Boca Raton, FL office, Ms. Josephy was an attorney at a boutique insurance recovery litigation firm in South Florida prior to joining the Flaster family. Before that, she worked as an associate at the largest Florida-based litigation firm.

Meet Jane Fearn-Zimmer, Elder & Disability Law Shareholder 

Question: What does Women's History Month mean to you?   

Answer: I find Women’s History Month inspiring, when I reflect on all of the strong women who came before us and fought for equal rights and opportunities and changed professional and social expectations.  I have heard stories from women who worked years ago about behavior common in the workplace that would not now be tolerated.  I am grateful to the women who helped level the playing field and pave the way for future leaders, but our work is not done yet.

Question: Tell us your thoughts on the impact Vice President Harris will have on the future of women leaders?

Answer: She gave all the young girls in this country a magnificent, shining moment in the moment of her inauguration, a moment in which all of us can realize that with enough talent, diligence and determination, anything is possible.  I savor that moment and I am so very grateful that my daughters and their peers are able to savor it. I hope that they each reflect enough upon that moment that her image will remain in their memory and become an internal source of strength and inspiration and encouragement in future times when they need it most.  Hopefully, young men will also take note of this moment and her role and the notion of a powerful woman will become more commonplace.  We certainly have no shortage of them:  Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, Melinda Gates, Sheryl Sandberg, Jacinda Ardern, Madelaine Albright, Michele Obama, Hilary Clinton, I could go on and on. We need to look at their stories and teach our daughters to stand up, challenge the status quo and to refuse to accept unnecessary limits.

Question: What are some tips to maintaining the “balancing act” of dealing with remote work/school/care-giving, etc during this pandemic?  

Answer: You need to put your own oxygen mask on first. Take care of yourself, your health and make the time necessary for self-care and social interaction.  Be creative and come up with ways to recharge while maintaining social distance.  Maybe go for a walk outside with friends and catch up together in sunshine.

Question: What best practices has aided your resilience to continue to be at the top of our game given the current and past year events?

Answer: Always be grateful.  It’s hard to feel stressed when you are grateful. 

Jane M. Fearn-Zimmer is a shareholder at Flaster Greenberg PC headquartered in Cherry Hill, NJ where she dedicates her practice to serving clients in the areas of elder and disability law, special needs planning, asset protection, tax and estate planning and estate administration. She maintains a widely-read Elder & Disability Law Blog, which is designed to help caregivers find real-world solutions, offer support and provide practical strategies. Jane also serves as the Editor of The Elder Law Report, Including Special Needs Planning, a national newsletter, through which she updates attorneys regarding new developments in elder law and special needs planning.  

Meet Krishna A. Jani, Cybersecurity & Litigation Attorney, CIPP/US

Question: Tell us your thoughts on the impact Vice President Harris will have on the future of women leaders? 

Answer: The election of Vice President Kamala Harris is monumental for several reasons—she’s the first South Asian Vice President, the first Black Vice President, and the first woman Vice President. She is paving the way for other women leaders, including women of color, to participate at the highest levels of our government and other organizations. Representation matters! I’m inspired by Vice President Harris’ already impressive legal career, the way in which she uses her voice, and the way she lifts other women up with her. Her impact, I believe, will be felt for generations of women leaders to come who will know that they do not have to fit into an antiquated mold of leadership. Rather, women leaders can chart their own path.

Krishna A. Jani, CIPP/US, is a member of Flaster Greenberg’s Litigation Department headquartered in Philadelphia, PA focusing her practice on complex commercial litigation. She is also a member of the firm's cybersecurity and data privacy law practice groups through which she advises clients on matters related to regulatory compliance, data breach response, and crafting privacy-by-design policies. 

Ms. Jani received her B.A. in International Studies and Spanish from Virginia Commonwealth University. Krishna then worked for two years as a paralegal before attending law school. She went on to obtain her J.D. from William & Mary Law School where she received the Powell Scholarship for outstanding oral advocacy skills in the Trial Advocacy course. 

In 2020, Ms. Jani became a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US) by the International Association of Privacy Professionals.


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