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Women's Initiative

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle


Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Initiative is a forum with the mission of promoting our women attorneys to the highest levels of business development, professional growth and personal satisfaction. 

Recently, the firm focused on expanding the efforts of the Women's Initiative consistent with its mission. The consensus was that the best way to achieve this was to increase active participation in the Initiative and use it to provide opportunities for our women attorneys to make the most of our resources in developing career goals.

Designed by and for our women attorneys, this program brings together women from across the firm to:

Each of Flaster Greenberg’s women attorneys takes pride in her ability to provide exceptional service and outstanding results for our clients. But our women attorneys also take pride in being a team.  To help our women attorneys achieve balance among all of life’s varied demands, the Women’s Initiative provides a forum to raise the issues we face, develop solutions, provide support and strengthen our ability to achieve career success. We work to overcome statistics for women in the law, and provide a support network to help our women attorneys so that we can remove the glass ceiling and no one has to break it.