Flaster Greenberg’s Women's Initiative Supports Woman-Owned Small Business; Hosts Hands-On Cooking Class

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Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Initiative hosted a hands-on cooking class at La Cucina at the Market in Philadelphia on Monday, June 12, 2023 to cultivate new and existing relationships between its women attorneys and their clients and referral sources in a relaxed and interactive environment. La Cucina, a woman-owned small business, provided a hands-on cooking experience that included local, fresh ingredients for the group of 18 women to stir, chop, and shape into a delicious meal they would then share with each other. Working in groups, they prepared chicken piccata, vodka blush sauce, three cheese ravioli, Italian garden salad, tomato bruschetta, and roasted broccoli.

Courtney Dolaway, chair of Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Initiative, said, “We wanted to cook up a creative and engaging way for our women attorneys and their clients to get to know each other. La Cucina was the perfect choice. We could support a local, woman-owned business, which provided an environment to not only learn how to create wonderful dishes, but to have meaningful conversations, share laughs, and get to know one another in-person and away from our phones and Zoom. The experience certainly was a good recipe for a delicious and memorable evening.”

Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Initiative is a forum with the mission of promoting our women attorneys to the highest levels of business development, professional growth, and personal satisfaction. This program brings together women from across the firm to exchange ideas, foster internal relationships, expand business contacts, build leadership and rainmaking skills, and develop, expand, and manage client relationships. The Initiative provides a place to raise the issues they face, develop solutions, provide support, and strengthen their ability to achieve career success. They work together to overcome statistics for women in the law and provide a support network to help each other so that they can remove the glass ceiling, and no one has to break it for them.

Back Row: Courtney Dolaway; Diane Ridgway (Surety Title); Mariel Giletto Middle Row: Kristen Bell (Uber), Kristel Tupja (Audacy); Meghan Moore, Linda Toogood (Columbia Bank), Michele Tarantino, Caroline Slim, Maylee Marsano; Dana Baer (ECFMG) Front Row: Janet Edelstein, Diana Powell (Public Service Enterprise Group, Inc.), Krishna Jani, Jen Johnson, Lauren Schwimmer, Christina Lechette, Yoninah Orenstein

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