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Mission: To provide a trusted circle of advisors to collaborate with female entrepreneurs in a way that is unique to women.

At a faster rate than ever before, women are procuring positions of power, claiming their stake, and taking the reins of their business. Created as an extension of Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Initiative, our firm’s Women’s Advisory Group was established on the foundation of providing women business owners and professionals with 360-degree legal support by a team of skilled attorneys who understand life’s challenges that can be unique to women, all while emboldening and skillfully guiding clients through the business and professional lifecycle. Whether you are the successor of your family’s business, interested in discussing your estate or business succession plan, seeking asset protection due to divorce, retirement, or other reasons, looking for a strong litigator that will support your claim or defense, or need general counsel to assist with any number of legal and business issues that are unique to you, our team of accomplished female attorneys will advocate on your behalf.

Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Advisory Group includes women attorneys who practice in virtually all areas of the law and have personal experience with many of the same issues facing women business owners and C-Suite professionals. The Women’s Advisory Group has access to Flaster Greenberg’s full suite of legal services including business and corporate law, business litigation, cybersecurity and data privacy, estate and trust planning, family law, healthcare, insurance coverage and defense, intellectual property (including patents, copyrights, and trademarks), real estate and land use matters, strategic tax planning for individuals and businesses, and succession planning. Combining the personal experiences and legal acumen, the Women’s Advisory Group is poised to provide strategic assistance to women business owners and C-Suite female executives with the myriad of legal issues they face.

We know that each legal matter is unique. Some are personal while others are business-oriented. High-stakes litigation can carry a significant dollar value while many business owners seek assistance with routine transactions that arise during the ordinary day-to-day of running a business. Whatever the case, we know that every legal issue you face is important, and that is why every single client matters to our team. Our group brings more than 100 years of collective experience in assisting businesses and individuals in successfully achieving their goals.

We invite you to contact one of our trusted advisors for more information on your unique circumstance.


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