Shareholder & DEI Committee Chair Discusses Career Inspiration; Importance of Supporting Women in Business

Flaster Greenberg Launches Women's Advisory Group
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Mariel Giletto

For the past 15 years, Giletto has acted as an outside counsel and trusted advisor for her clients ranging from commercial real estate, finance and gaming. She joined Flaster Greenberg in 2021 as a shareholder and chair of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Cracks in the glass ceiling: I would like to see more women leaders, whether as business owners or as C-Suite professionals. In order to accomplish this, we need more women to strive for leadership positions and more men and women in positions of power supporting and mentoring women into these roles. In the legal field, specifically, we have more women than men graduating law school. However, the number of women decreases in leadership positions as you climb the corporate ladder. We need support mechanisms in place to help women escalate into positions of power withing their organizations.

A fulfilling career: The inspiration for my career was the aspiration for financial security, independence and self worth. I never wanted to be beholden to a particular job or a husband because of financial insecurities. At a young age, I understood that attorneys could make a good living independent of others – as do doctors, but I am a bit too squeamish for that. So, I pursued a legal career with the hope that it would be a good fit for me. The irony is that the legal field suited me even better than I anticipated – although sometimes I do wonder if I molded to fit the field.

- Mariel Giletto, Shareholder and Chair of FG’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Women's Advisory Group at Flaster Greenberg

Flaster Greenberg is proud to support women in business. The firm recently launched a Woman’s Advisory Group as part of its Women’s Initiative – a woman-to-woman network for legal services – geared primarily toward women-owned businesses and women executives. This is in addition to two annual scholarship awards to New Jersey and Pennsylvania diverse and women law students from Rutgers and Temple law schools, and a scholarship to our summer associate from the Philadelphia Diversity Law Group.  

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Women's Advisory Group

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