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Commercial transportation law is unique, much like the needs of the transportation carriers and intermediaries we serve.  Our clients include some of the largest transportation and logistics companies in the world, including corporations operating private fleets, small carriers just beginning operations, and everything in between.  We take great pride in developing an in-depth understanding of the unique operations and specific needs of each and every client we serve, as well as the transportation sector as a whole.  This allows us to provide highly-specialized counsel focused on meeting each client’s distinct needs, coupled with a level of service that is unmatched in the legal industry. 

Our transportation attorneys are also highly skilled and nationally known for protecting the interests of our carrier clients in matters venued throughout the country.  In the context of cargo loss and damage claims, this has included helping to secure some of the most significant defense rulings in favor of rail, motor, and ocean carriers issued in the last decade. Our attorneys have been entrusted with defending the interests of carrier clients against major nationwide class actions requiring a detailed understanding of the nuances of federal transportation laws and regulations.  We also assist clients with an array of other commercial litigation matters, which can range from simple disputes with customers and vendors (often arising under the terms of a tariff, exempt contract, or federal statute/regulation), to major appellate and Surface Transportation Board matters with industry-wide implications.

We also work closely with clients to provide ongoing advice on transportation issues impacting their day-to-day operations. This includes strategic counsel to help carrier clients navigate the complex and often-changing regulatory landscape governing their operations. We assist with preparation and analysis of carrier tariffs and exempt contracts under 49 U.SC. 14101 and 10709 and also proactively help clients identify, obtain, and maintain the state and federal licensure they need to seamlessly operate throughout the country.


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