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The workplace gives rise to a variety of legal issues, ranging from routine matters relating to pay and overtime, to the highly complex and even emotional claims, such as lawsuits alleging sexual harassment or retaliation. Further complicating the employment law landscape is a virtual maze of overlapping statutes, regulations and court decisions that change across federal, state and local jurisdictions.

At Flaster Greenberg, we help our clients cut through the labor and employment law thicket. Drawing on extensive experience, we guide employers and employees through these workplace challenges, always striving to find practical, workable solutions that fully meet our clients’ goals. Our lawyers advise large corporations and small businesses on all aspects of employment law and litigation, from creating strategies to avoid lawsuits, to forming and negotiating employment contracts and severance agreements. We help establish employee benefit packages and cost-saving compensation strategies. We also routinely advise clients on the complex interrelationship between federal and state disability laws and workplace leave issues, offer effective strategies to avoid discrimination lawsuits, and suggest avenues to mitigate the prospect of retaliation claims.

When employment cases move into the courts, which is sometimes inevitable or even desired, Flaster Greenberg arms our clients with a wealth of trial experience and skill. We fight aggressively for our clients in courts every day, and strive to protect our clients’ rights, achieve success and bring fair, final and cost-effective resolution to employment disputes. Our clients have enjoyed significant victories in trial and appellate courts throughout the region.



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