Love in the time of cubicles

| The Washington Post
Jena McGregor

On February 12, 2015, Flaster Greenberg Labor & Employment attorney Adam E. Gersh was tapped by Washington Post reporter Jena McGregor for expert legal commentary on the new trend of an increased number of companies instituting employment policies about workplace romance. The article discusses the issues employers face in regards to employee handbooks and the challenges given technology advancements and social media having an increased impact on personal office relationships. 

“As a result, more employers realize that while they may try to prevent relationships that could lead to legal concerns, they also don't have the level of control they once did, says Adam Gersh, an employment lawyer at Flaster Greenberg in Cherry Hill, N.J. "Every policy is going to have unintended consequences," he said. "It's about trying to manage those unintended consequences so that you’re getting some of the defensive protective measures you want without driving away your talent."

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