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Scamsters, Chameleons, and Thieves Oh My! Preventing, Combating, and Avoiding Identity Theft in ‎the Supply Chain: What To Do Before, During and After, to Keep the Barbarians Outside of the ‎Gates! ‎


Imposters, chameleons and scamsters have been running roughshod throughout the supply ‎chain, and the entire transportation sector, for decades now. They insidiously interject themselves, ‎via feigned identities, imposter/chameleon roles, and sophisticated cyberattacks, with resultant losses ‎of not only high value cargo, but also actual physical rolling stock. These tactics also insinuate ‎themselves into freight charge payment schematics, and payment exchanges between shippers and ‎consignees for high value goods. Often in these situations, both the shipper and the carrier have been ‎scammed, through minimal fault of their own, but with, unfortunately, little consequent recourse. Not ‎even FMCSA itself is immune from inroads by these bad actors. ‎

The frequency of these tactics was increasing relentlessly prior to 2020. However, these ‎violations were magnified and accelerated by a Great Digitization during the COVID pandemic, ‎logistics entities dramatically digitized ever more phases of their operations to respond to the ‎strictures and proclivities of the pandemic. This panel of blue ribbon experts will discuss topics that ‎encompass all modes and will insightfully recommend various methodologies by which transportation ‎and logistics companies can prevent and combat identity theft in their daily operations, commercial ‎relations, contractual practices, regulatory filing hygiene, and systemic IT policies. ‎

The Great Digitization exponentially increased the risk of cyber security threats. The panel will ‎discuss cyber security and data privacy contingencies from both the combative and preemptive ‎perspectives. The panel will explore how to set up internal systems that complement privacy ‎compliance efforts and related contracting, like data mapping and the necessity of legal/compliance, ‎IT, operations, and human resources, working together to rebuff cyberattacks. The panel will spotlight ‎the risks of identity theft and other forms of cyber fraud facing carriers on the road, on the rails, and ‎on the internet itself. Panelists will compare the UMLER system for electronic tracking of railcars with ‎digital truck registration systems now being tested by several state DOTs. They will compare current ‎rail and highway vehicle identification requirements and standards for electronically tracking rolling ‎stock, including license plate tracking and GPS tracking. It will discuss various fraudster methodologies, ‎including cloned trucks and border coyotes, and how to deal with them. Finally, the panel will discuss ‎the FMCSA/DOT agency responses to this pox on the industry, and update the audience on the ‎progress of regulatory safeguards. ‎

Yes, the cyber hacking barbarians are at the gates, the FMCSA and industry specialists are ‎working to repel them, and this panel will sum it all up for you. You won’t want to miss it!

Date: August 31, 2022

Time: 2:00 pm

Location: Webinar


Eric Benton, Partner, Mayer LLP, Houston, TX


Christopher J. Merrick, Flaster Greenberg, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mark Andrews, Clark Hill, Washington D.C.‎

Ryan T. Sulkin, Partner, Benesch, Chicago, Illinois

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