What You Need to Know: Women and Minority-Owned Small Businesses Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program

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Women and minority-owned small businesses: Now is the time to act if you need to repair or upgrade an HVAC system or plumbing fixtures and appliances that fail to meet efficiency and health standards. This program offers up to $500,000 to improve indoor quality, energy efficiency and water conservation to eligible small businesses with a commercial storefront.

In August 2021, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation establishing a Small Business Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program fund. The fund, administered by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU), provides grants to small businesses as well as schools for the assessment, repair, upgrading, and replacement of HVAC systems to improve air quality/airflow and ventilation, and to bring plumbing fixtures and appliances up to modern standards.


According to New Jersey Clean Energy’s website, because of high demand program funding availability is diminishing for some portions of the program, but funds are still currently available for women and minority-owned small businesses.


A small business is eligible if it is certified by the State as a women or minority owned small business (M/WBE), independently owned and operated, employing less than 100 full-time employees, and grossing no more than $12M annually.


The program covers up to 75% of the cost to repair and/or replace equipment.


HVAC repairs to improve air quality and performance of HVAC system:

Click here to download the program guide for HVAC system repairs and upgrades. Incentives for projects are also available through your utility provider. Learn more here.


Plumbing fixtures and appliance upgrades to save water and energy:

Click here to download the program guide for plumbing and fixtures repairs and upgrades.


Applications  for the program are found below. If your business needs assistance with completing this application, please consider contacting Flaster Greenberg’s Women’s Advisory Group. Completed applications can be submitted by email.

Click here for the HVAC application.

Click here for the plumbing application.

If your business needs assistance with this or any other matter, please consider contacting Mariel Giletto.

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