Susie Cirilli Quoted in Law360 Employment Authority Article About U.S. Women's Soccer & Equal Pay

| Law360 Employment Authority
Anne Cullen

Shareholder and Labor & Employment Attorney Susie Cirilli was quoted in a Law 360 Employment Authority article about U.S. Women's Soccer and equal pay. The article was written by Anne Cullen.

Cullen writes: The return of the Women's World Cup has pushed the U.S. soccer team's high-profile equal pay victory last year back into focus, and employment law experts say the landmark deal the players secured put a dent in unfair salary disparities beyond sports.

"The summer of the 2019 World Cup, and now during this World Cup, the idea of equal pay permeates the storyline," said Flaster Greenberg PC shareholder Susie Cirilli, who advises employers. "Employers and employees — even soccer fans — cannot look away from this issue."

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