White Collar Criminal Defense Law


Business organizations and individuals under criminal or regulatory investigation or charged with a crime need the representation of a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer. Flaster Greenberg provides businesses, their executives, and other individuals with such representation. We have persuaded federal and state prosecutors not to bring criminal charges against our clients. But if charges are brought, we have the investigative skills, knowledge, and experience to enable our clients to wage, when appropriate, a vigorous defense.

Our criminal defense practice is headed by John W. Fried. He served for 18 years as an assistant district attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, prosecuting crimes such as murder, bribery, and narcotics trafficking. During that time, Mr. Fried was chief of the Rackets Bureau, where he supervised and tried complex fraud, larceny, and public corruption cases. Also, during that time, he was appointed as a Special Assistant United States Attorney for purposes of prosecuting a RICO case against public officials. Thereafter, Mr. Fried became chief of the District Attorney's Trial Division, where he supervised more than 250 assistant district attorneys who prosecuted cases, ranging in severity from disorderly conduct to murder.

Since his retirement from public service in 1990, Mr. Fried has defended businesses and individuals being investigated for or charged with crimes, with recent cases involving alleged construction industry fraud and the alleged unlawful disposal of medical waste. 


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