Same Sex Relationships (LGBT)

Civil Unions

In New Jersey, the Civil Union statute provides that same sex couples who enter into a civil union have all of the same benefits, protections and responsibilities under law as are granted to spouses in a marriage. The statute provides that the dissolution of civil unions shall follow the same procedures and be subject to the same substantive rights and obligations that are involved in the dissolution of marriage and that the laws of domestic relations, including annulment, premarital agreements, separation, divorce, child custody and support, property division and maintenance, and post-relationship spousal support, shall apply to civil union couples.

Further, the rights of civil union couples with respect to a child of whom either becomes the parent during the term of the civil union, shall be the same as those of a married couple.

We have been representing the interests of gay and lesbian individuals for over 20 years, in matters involving custody, parenting and adoption. Our expertise in family law and our experience is recognized in the gay and lesbian community. Our resources are available to you whether you have entered into a civil union, are members of a domestic partnership, or in a committed relationship.

Pre-Civil Union Agreements

Whether this is your first civil union, second (or more), a pre-civil union agreement may be advisable. Such an agreement can protect assets and address other relevant issues. Our family law attorneys have substantial experience in representing individuals seeking to establish pre-civil union agreements to establish legal parameters for civil union relationships.

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