Remarriage and Blended Families: Issues to consider in Drafting a Premarital or Pre-Civil Union Agreement

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Family Law Track
Remarriage and Blended Families

Remarriage and blending families often pose a host of emotional, financial, and legal issues for your clients and their children. Knowing how to navigate those challenges – and even how to address them before they emerge – can make all the difference for the clients you represent.

While many assume that remarriage is simpler because clients have "been through it all before," blending families and unraveling different philosophies toward finances and child-rearing are seldom straightforward. As an attorney, you must prepare your remarrying clients for the challenges that lay ahead with family dynamics and financial issues, so they don't implode and threaten the subsequent marriage's viability.

Learn how to help your clients have the most successful, enjoyable, and (most importantly) issue-free remarriage possible. Help them address the key challenges most remarriages face – the top re-divorce causing issues including:
Tactfully entering into Premarital Agreements that work:

Steven B. Sacharow, Esq.
Flaster Greenberg, Cherry Hill

Speakers include:
Amanda Trigg, Esq.
Tanya Freeman, Esq.
Sharon Ryan Montgomery, Psy.D.
Donald J. DeGrazia, CPA, ABV, CFF

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