FG Shareholder Alma Saravia Quoted Extensively for Asbury Park Press Article Surrounding Prominent Medical Marijuana Physician's Suspension

| Asbury Park Press
Mike Davis

FG shareholder Alma Saravia was quoted extensively in an article for the Asbury Park Press surrounding the State’s decision to suspend the license of NJ Green MD founder Dr. Anthony Anzalone. This decision may ignite controversy surrounding New Jersey’s current marijuana legalization debate. Alma’s commentary discusses what revoking “Dr. Marijuana’s” medical license indefinitely may mean for his patients as well as New Jersey doctors looking to get into the medical marijuana industry.

As a former member of the Board of Medical Examiners, Alma has a unique point of view regarding the effects that Anzalone’s suspension will have. She alleges that, by taking action against Anzalone, the state is sending mixed signals. "We have the commissioner of health, in good faith, giving these grand rounds at hospitals because we need more doctors to handle the high volume of patients that suffer from these very legitimate medical conditions. I don’t know if one should jump to the conclusion that the patients treated by this doctor did not have legitimate medical conditions," she says.

Saravia continues that the burden of proof will fall on Anzalone to provide proper, detailed documentation that he was properly assessing patients. She states:

“The only way to prove such a relationship exists is with documentation. The case against Anzalone may serve as a warning shot to other medical marijuana doctors, encouraging them to ensure their record-keeping is scrupulous. The whole key is going to boil down to what’s in the paperwork. That’s the No. 1 thing the Board of Medical Examiners looks at in cases like this – how do they know the standard of care was adhered to. You can’t change your records — signed, sealed and dated — so you have evidence you’ve done your job as a physician.”

Click here to read the article, authored by Mike Davis, in its entirety.

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