Flaster Greenberg to Host Estate Planning Seminar for Young Professionals

| Press Release
Cherry Hill, NJ

On October 20, 2011, Flaster Greenberg will hold a seminar on estate planning tips for young professionals in its Cherry Hill, New Jersey, office. Steven Poulathas, attorney in the firm’s Tax and Trusts & Estates Practice Groups, will host the program, which is scheduled to begin at 6:00 pm.

Although frequently ill-prepared for a medical or financial crisis, young couples with children are most at-risk for such life-altering events and least prepared. This program is specifically designed for young professionals in this category who may recognize these risks but need guidance in these often delayed, yet crucial, preparations.

Attendees of the seminar will leave armed with the tools needed to establish a strategic estate plan to protect themselves and their families. Topics of discussion will include wills, living wills, and general and medical powers of attorney, as well as methods to create, preserve and transfer wealth in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

More information and registration information can be found at www.flastergreenberg.com/newsroom-events.html.

Poulathas has a Masters of Law (LLM) in Taxation and counsels and represents individuals, family owned companies and public entities in tax, estate planning, tax compliance and controversy matters, and mergers and acquisitions

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