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Free Seminar on Trademark, Copyright, Intellectual Property Essentials
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Cherry Hill, NJ

When: Wednesday, January 26, 2011, at 8:00 a.m.

Where: Flaster Greenberg Conference Center, 1810 Chapel Avenue West, Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

A website presence is as essential to business today as the calling card used to be. For most businesses, the Internet has helped to increase awareness of a company’s products and brand, and can boost sales and revenue.  But the Internet also can create legal challenges for business owners seeking to protect their company’s names, slogans and even the goodwill of their customers.  

The next installment of the “Legally Speaking” program, a free seminar series sponsored by the Burlington County College High Technology Small Business Incubator, the Rutgers-Camden Business Incubator and the Rutgers-Camden Small Business Development Center, will be held on January 26, and concerns the basics of intellectual property for business owners. The workshop first examines how to protect and capitalize on your company’s intellectual property, like brand name and customer goodwill, and discusses useful tips on protecting and enforcing your rights as a business owner.

The second portion of the seminar covers matters of online reputation management, how to deal with online copyright and trademark infringement, defamation and gripe sites, unflattering or untrue postings on social media sites, and much more. The workshop is presented by Jordan A. LaVine and Alexis K. Arena.

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