Visit Philly Stops Anti-Trump Group From Copying "With Love" Campaign

| Philadelphia Magazine
Victor Fiorillo

Jordan LaVine, head of FG's Trademark Department, was quoted extensively in a Philadelphia Magazine article discussing Visit Philly's popular "With Love" trademark. Earlier this week, Philly We Rise, an anti-Trump group, issued a very similar use of the trademark telling President Trump to stay out of Philadelphia. 

“For it to be a parody, they would have to making commentary on the original mark or the services provided under that mark,” says LaVine, whose clients include the New York Times, Martha Stewart,, and GrubHub. “I don’t think they’re doing that here. And even with a parody, it still comes down to whether the average person would be confused. In this case, I think the average person would think the original organization is endorsing or sponsoring.”

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