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Flaster Greenberg's attorneys represent waste disposal and management companies in every aspect of their legal needs. We have negotiated the purchase and sales of their businesses; we have undertaken permitting and permit renewals; we have aided with cleanups; and have defended them in litigation. Our clients include landfill owners, waste haulers, recycling facilities and trash to steam facilities. We represent parties in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

Sale of Business

We have represented several waste hauling companies that have been acquired by national or international companies. We have also represented acquiring companies. The issues that arise in these sales include due diligence for real estate and permits, transfer requirements for permits, personal employment contracts for former owners and acquisition through stock purchase or asset purchase.

Representative Case
  • In the purchase/sale of a facility in New York, our attorneys reviewed hundreds of permits for due diligence, including not just typical disposal permits but also permits from the Federal Aviation Administration for towers that were part of the facility and that had the potential to hinder air traffic.


Our attorneys have represented our waste management clients in superfund matters, matters under the New Jersey Spill Act, matters under the Pennsylvania Hazardous Sites Cleanup Act, and matters involving local ordinances. Representative cases range from claims for $130 million under federal law for contamination of groundwater, to municipal fines of $1000 for spilling cooking oil during transportation of restaurant waste.


Our attorneys and our administrative staff have helped landfill facilities obtain initial permits as well as expansion permits. We have helped our waste hauler customers with permits for transportation as well as transfer stations.


Our attorneys have helped our clients negotiate cleanups with the state and federal governments, as well as negotiate with the agencies over fines and violation notice.


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