Magic. Mixology. Technology. Inclusion: FG Patent Attorneys Help Bring Magic and Imagination to Life through Science

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Not many people can say they’ve patented a system that doubles as a working magic wand, but Matthew Cortland, co-founder of The Cauldron Co., is one of them. Working side-by-side with Flaster Greenberg PC attorneys, Cortland, who is originally from Marlton, NJ, was able to get the patents in time for the recent grand opening of the Philadelphia branch of The Cauldron, Cortland’s technology-powered, wizard-themed magical bar and restaurant, located on 13th and Locust in Philadelphia.

The Cauldron Philly first opened its doors in Philadelphia’s Midtown Village in May 2022 and welcomed in thousands of pre-booked customers who were ready to step into the worlds of their imagination. Armed with a wizard cloak and interactive magic wand upon arrival, customers to The Cauldron experience an “IoT-connected” space where wands are functional, technology control devices making cocktails, casting spells, and having fun in the magical world that resides within the walls of 1305 Locust Street. Guests of The Cauldron can also partake in a signature immersive potion-making experience, crafting their own molecular cocktails or non-alcoholic drinks using Cortland’s patented interactive wand technology. 

Centrally located in Philly’s Gayborhood, The Cauldron, which is a queer-owned business, was founded upon the value of inclusivity, diversity and education. The company strives to create safe spaces for its queer and transgender staff and guests alike, support local reading and STEM teachers and support girls in STEAM education. The venue is now open for individual customers as well as private groups for walk-in bar/restaurant bookings or potion-making classes (choice of with alcohol, alcohol-free, or child-friendly). Whether you love a specific fantasy book or are simply enchanted by the idea of momentarily escaping the daily grind for an immersive sci-fi or fantasy mixology experience, the magic you encounter at The Cauldron is sure to leave you spellbound.

The vision has been brought to life in part by Cortland, a former high school reading and literacy teacher who later moved into technology design. After inventing a working magic wand, he went on to co-found The Cauldron as a place where magic and imagination comes to life with science. As an avid reader of fantasy books and an activist for education and the LGBTQ+ community, his team of “magicineers” masterfully wove together the ideas of magic, mixology, technology, and inclusion to bring forth an interactive experience that is unique to the area.

Flaster Greenberg patent attorneys Ross Alexander and Ben Chalfin were brought on by Cortland to create and execute his patent and trademark portfolio surrounding the revolutionary tech that seems to make everyone geek out at first sight. With the help of Alexander and Chalfin, Cortland was able to secure protection for his intellectual property both in the US, UK, and internationally. Without these patents, these creations may not have seen the light of day in quite the same way. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Matthew Cortland and The Cauldron Co. on their mystical new adventures, and their upcoming release of IoT smart home hub to control electronic items in your home with a working magic wand.

“The work we do with Flaster in patenting and protecting our wizard tech is perhaps my favorite part of leading The Cauldron Company because it’s central to our mission of ‘making magic real with science, technology and design.’ Making magic real is what gets me up in the morning and what keeps me up at night,” Cortland stated. “The second half of our company’s mission is ‘to create an inclusive magical community.’ As a queer person and activist for equitable opportunities, it’s extremely important that we are creating safe spaces for all people, and especially for the trans members of our community. Magic is for everyone, full stop.”

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