Flaster Greenberg Sponsors Anti-Defamation League 2022 Walk Against Hate

| Press Release

Flaster Greenberg is a proud sponsor and participant of the Anti-Defamation League Walk Against Hate, which took place in late October 2022 at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. The event featured a Diversity Expo highlighting the work of over 30 local nonprofit organizations (including LGBT equality, immigration services, culture, ethnicity and more) as well as local entertainment and festival activities. 100% of the money raised at the Walk Against Hate goes towards educating for equality, protecting against extremism, and advocating for a better world. Flaster Greenberg staff and their families participated in this year’s Walk as a team.

Labor & Employment Shareholder Adam Gersh said, “The in-person walk is inspiring. After all these years of rising hate crime and speech, the walk offers a rare opportunity for optimism when walking with people from all backgrounds and of all ages united in our collective commitment to work to end hate.” 

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