Marty Judge Quoted Extensively Regarding PFAS Contamination at Pittsburgh Airport

| PublicSource
Oliver Morrison
Pittsburgh, PA

Marty Judge was quoted in an article discussing potential PFAS contamination at Pittsburgh International Airport. According to the piece by Oliver Morrison of PublicSource, studies and first-hand reports indicate that the Pittsburgh International Airport is likely the source of a PFAS chemical plume. Marty provided commentary for PublicSource regarding the required legal steps that the airport must take when investigating PFAS contamination. 

Marty states that, "Once an airport investigates PFAS contamination, it would likely be required to report it to state environmental agencies under “reportable discharge laws” and would then be required to begin remediation relatively soon." He also mentions that "There may be a downside to not waiting to address PFAS contamination: remediation technology could get better and cheaper, and state and federal standards could become more stringent, meaning entities may have to duplicate the work. In some cases, an airport may need to be sued or directed to take action by the government for its insurance to pay out. A purely voluntary PFAS remediation might not be enough to trigger coverage.”

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