Local Law Firm Installs Electric Car Charger

| NBC10 News
Cherry Hill, NJ

On Thursday, February 23, 2012, Flaster Greenberg was featured on NBC10  for the installation of an electric car charging station in the firm’s Cherry Hill office parking lot. The segment titled “Local Law Firm Installs Electric Car Charger” highlights the electric charger technology and the initiative Flaster Greenberg has taken to make resources of this nature readily available, and free, to both employees and clients.   

Peter Spirgel, Managing Shareholder and Chief Operating Office at Flaster Greenberg, was interviewed during the segment. “We’re taking the first step to try and encourage them (employees and clients) to consider an electric vehicle or a hybrid,” said Spirgel. 

Flaster Greenberg is the first professional corporation in Cherry Hill, New Jersey to offer an electric vehicle curb-side charging station. The station is self-serve and has the capability to “top off” or fully charge an electric vehicle while the firm’s employees are at work or its clients are attending a meeting at the firm.

To watch the full segment, click on the video to the right of the page.

Video { Photo of NBC10 News Report - Flaster Play NBC10 News Report - Flaster's Car Charging Station

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