FG Adds USPTO Attorney to Growing IP Practice

| The Legal Intelligencer
Justin Henry

Flaster Greenberg continues to grow its Intellectual Property Department with the addition of patent shareholder and former U.S. Patent and Trial Appeal attorney Joseph F. Oriti.

According to The Legal Intelligencer, Flaster Greenberg "has gained an insider's view of the federal patentability process" with the addition of Mr. Oriti. 

“We are talking to existing clients and looking at some appeals that have been filed, and basically I put on my PTAB hat and say, ‘If I were deciding this case, here are the areas I would focus on,’” Oriti said. “That’s the kind of expertise I’m trying to bring on board.”

As one of four U.S. attorneys chosen to serve as a supervisory patent attorney for the PTAB when it was created in 2012 as part of the America Invents Act, Oriti managed the Patent Attorney Program where he trained attorneys to become successful administrative patent judges. He also opinionated on patentability, and contributed to the implementation of various rules and guidance.

“We try, as a midsize firm, to cover a wide array of practice areas for our business clientele,” LaVine said. “IP is certainly a high-demand field, so we want to cover that as well as we cover everything else at the firm.” LaVine went on to say that “...because [PTAB] is relatively new, the processes and procedures before that administrative court are developing and unique. Joe was there almost since the beginning, and so he brings an expertise that is special and will allow us to advise our clients and potential clients on issues before that court.”

Click here to read the article in its entirety, which ran in the May 14, 2021 issue of The Legal Intelligencer. All rights reserved. 

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