FG Adds IP lawyer from U.S. Patent Trial and Appeal Board

| The Philadelphia Business Journal
Jeff Blumenthal

Flaster Greenberg PC expanded its intellectual property practice by adding Joseph F. Oritis, a former supervisory attorney for the U.S. Patent Trials and Appeal Board, part of the firm's goal to become a full-service platform for IP services.

Jordan LaVine, Flaster co-managing shareholder and a member of the IP practice, said Oriti was appealing due to his work in the private and public sectors.

“Joe has significant [business] contacts and an expertise in electrical engineering, as well as his experience with the PTAB, which is relatively new, so that’s important,” LaVine said. “He will also be a big help with training lawyers. We are putting in place a new associate development program and we expect Joe to have an important role there.”

In regards to why Flaster Greenberg was appealing to Joe, he said “I know what it looks like when IP groups join firms,” Oriti said. “But this was described to me as sort of an IP boutique within a firm. There was a certain level of autonomy granted to the lawyers.” 

Oriti is the latest in a series of IP lawyers to join Flaster. The firm added patent procurement lawyer Aaron Ettelman from Ice Miller in April and solo practitioner Mark Luderer in February. Alexander and colleagues Michael Bonella, Joseph Klinicki and Michael Piscitelli joined from IP law boutique Condo Roccia along with four associates in January 2020. In all, Flaster has added 12 IP lawyers since the start of last year.

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