Atlantic City RE Will Diversify In Wake Of Casino Closures

| Law360
Kaitlin Ugolik
New York, NY

Tami Bogutz Steinberg was quoted extensively in a Law360 article discussing how to keep Atlantic City afloat given the recent closure of several casinos and what might be done with the massive buildings being vacated by the casinos that are closing. The reporter indicates that although experts say that there is still hope for some of the casinos, much of the gambling space associated with Revel, the Atlantic Club, Showboat and Trump Plaza will need to either be repurposed or knocked down and replaced. Steinberg indicated that “there's a lot of potential to use these [buildings],” noting, however that “it's a mixed bag." She went on to say that "there are some properties that probably are not nice enough to retain in their current form, and it may make sense to demolish them, but others like Revel, which is just beautiful and brand new ... there is going to be some mixed use of it.”

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