Opening the Taps

A popular Philadelphia-based brewery enjoyed tremendous growth due to their fine line of ales and brews.

Over the years, increased demand required successive moves to larger facilities, enabling expansion of their product lines and increased production ability, including bottling. Their beer continued to win national acclaim from both industry festivals and national media. However, an unfortunate byproduct of the company’s success was a divide between the businesses owners over whether to pursue a meaningful growth strategy. It was at this point, with the future of the company on the line, that Flaster Greenberg attorney Kevin Greenberg stepped in.

Greenberg helped the remaining partners recapitalize and secure new financing, including government-assisted financing. He assisted with the move to a new location for the brewery and handled zoning, land use, acquisition, and other issues connected with the relocation, including state and local regulatory matters such as signage, water and sewer, liquor law, and a variety of logistic and operational details. He arranged for the financing of and contractual arrangements for acquisition of new equipment to outfit the expansion, worked on new tactics for distribution agreements and crucial relationships between the brewery and vendors, and introduced the brewery to new and significant strategic clients. His Flaster Greenberg colleagues handle the brewery’s trademark protections and advise it regarding Human Resources process and implementation.

At present, the brewery has quadrupled the size of its operation and continues to produce a superior product that is becoming known well beyond its Philadelphia roots.

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