2023 ACI-NA Airport Electricity Management Symposium


Airports Council International - North America

The primary electrical feed onto an airport fails, disrupting baggage handling, check-in kiosks, escalators, and elevators. A heat wave places extreme demands on the electrical grid, creating uncertainty in airport energy supply. Rental car tenants demand increased electrical supply to support increasing numbers of electrical vehicles in their fleet. Driven by net zero carbon goals, an airport seeks less-carbon intensive energy sources. These scenarios are just a few examples of how airports have had to confront a new frontier of energy management across their complex facilities.

Join us December 5 – 7 in Denver, CO at the inaugural ACI-NA Airport Electricity Management Symposium for an informative discussion of how airports, their energy providers, tenants, and other stakeholders are stepping up to meet this new generation of airport energy management challenges.

Symposium attendees will walk away with new approaches to overcome their airports’ energy obstacles both now and in the future.

Date & Location

December 7, 2023 | Denver, CO


Session #11


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