| Press Release

The recent death of George Floyd and the spotlight it shed on the racism and injustice that persists in our country is deeply troubling. This must end. Our hearts go out to all those and their families and friends who have suffered racial injustice. Change must be brought about by education, training, discipline, prosecution, and a demand for this to happen by all people. We support people’s right to peacefully express themselves and express voices for change. Those are the principles on which this country was founded. The violence, however, that we have also seen against innocent people and their property is unacceptable. For those who are suffering, we want you to know we hear your voices and you matter.

While statements such as this one are important, they are not enough. We must all take further action to bring about change. In this regard, our firm will be committing our resources as lawyers and people to do what we can to help advance this cause. A formal announcement about actions taken by our firm will be forthcoming.

We wish you all well, and hope that we will all soon see better times.

~ Your friends and colleagues at Flaster Greenberg PC

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