FG’s Marketing Director Krista Egan to be Guest Speaker at Rutgers University - Camden

| Press Release
Cherry Hill, NJ

Krista A. Egan, Marketing Director at Flaster Greenberg PC, has been tapped by Rutgers University School of Business - Camden to be a guest speaker to the Business Leader Development Program students on September 21, 2018. 

Egan, who holds a B.S., with honors, in Marketing from Rutgers University, will speak about her work experiences, career path, goals as well as how the evolution of social media has changed the way many industries, including legal, communicate with their target market, enhance their brand and create business leads. 

Egan is responsible for supporting and executing marketing initiatives in line with the firm’s overall strategy, working closely with a dynamic marketing team, firm attorneys, and other administrative departments. Her role in the firm has included all aspects of marketing, project management, and operations functions, including event and sponsorship management, CRM roll-out and maintenance, electronic communications, website overhaul and maintenance, messaging/communications, and business development.

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