Janet S. Kole champions the 'Joys of Discovery' in new book

"Chasing Paper" shows that legal gold can be buried in the paperwork
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Cherry Hill, NJ

"Chasing Paper" shows that legal gold can be buried in the paperwork

The American Bar Association has just published "Chasing Paper:The Keys to Learning about and Loving Discovery," by veteran environmental law attorney Janet S. Kole.  The book uses examples from Kole's more than 25 years as a practicing attorney to illustrate how critical the paper discovery process is, not only to the outcome of a case, but also to the attorney's ethical responsibilities and professional reputation. 

Frequently humorous and consistently practical, the author exhorts young attorneys to change their mindset when approaching a mountain of discovery documents. By likening the review process to snooping in a friend's medicine cabinet, she says, the task will become less tedious, more satisfying and more productive.         

Janet Kole is a shareholder at Flaster Greenberg, P.C.  Prior to practicing law, Kole was a journalist and contributing writer to numerous publications including Harper's Bazaar and Penthouse Magazine, and worked for many years as a photojournalist before entering law school.  She is a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College, received her M.A. from New York University, and graduated magna cum laude from the James Beasley School of Law at Temple University.      

She was the editor and co-editor of Environmental Litigation, and was a co-author of the book Post Mortem, on which the television series "Quincy" was based. Kole is a founding member of the Society for Women Environmental Professionals (SWEP).

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