Legal Lessons from Taylor Swift's sexual assault verdict

| The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philadelphia, PA

An excerpt from The Philadelphia Inquirer article, written by Michael Homans, Chair of Litigation, Flaster Greenberg PC 

Many of us were not surprised by the prompt verdict Monday in the sexual-assault case in Denver involving Taylor Swift. A jury of six women and two men concluded within hours that a Denver radio host had groped Swift — grabbed her bottom beneath her skirt during a photo shoot, as his wife stood on the other side of Swift,

Although the case did not involve co-workers, the legal issues and factual disputes parallel what I often see, as a labor and employment lawyer, in workplace claims of sexual harassment and assault. It therefore provides good, timely lessons for businesses, managers, workers, and human resources professionals the next time they confront a similar situation on the job... Read more here.

This article was published in The Philadelphia Inquirer on August 15, 2017.

Michael Homans is a Labor & Employment attorney and Chair of the Litigation Department at Flaster Greenberg PC. For more employment law updates, including news and links to important information pertaining to legal developments that may affect your business, subscribe to Michael’s blog, or follow him on Twitter @EmployLawUpdate. He can be reached at 215.279.9379 or via email.

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