Colby Talks Biofuels, Renewable Energy at AUTM Conference

| Press Release
Philadelphia, PA

Flaster Greenberg shareholder Gary D. Colby, Ph.D.,  was a featured presenter and moderator at a session on employing green energy technologies to achieve local and regional economical development at the recent meeting of the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM) held on June 7-9th in Atlanta, Georgia.   

Dr. Colby, who is widely recognized for his work in biofuels, presented "Green Energy Technologies as a Mechanism for Promoting Economic Recovery."  The presentation included a discussion about the economic, environmental and socio-political consequences of fossil fuel dependence, and identified ways in which development of innovative renewable energy technologies present opportunities for economic improvement.  Dr. Colby was joined in his presentation by Erik Sander of the College of Engineering at the University of Florida, where he serves as Director of Industry Programs.   Mr. Sander described the programs of the Florida Energy Systems Consortium as examples of several of the types of developmental opportunities described by Dr. Colby.

A member of the firm's intellectual property practice, Dr. Colby is a registered patent attorney whose practice focuses on the needs of clients in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical industries.  The author of numerous patents, he speaks and writes frequently on topics in his field.

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