Article on Captive Insurance Planning for Businesses, Co-Authored by Buz Eizen and Steve Poulathas

| Estate Planning Magazine
Philadelphia, PA

January 2015 – Estate Planning Magazine

Flaster Greenberg PC is pleased to announce that shareholders Bernard ‘Buz’ Eizen and Steven S. Poulathas recently co-authored an article for the January 2015 issue of Estate Planning Magazine entitled “Closely Held Business Can Enjoy Captive Insurance Opportunity.”

The eight page article surveys the history and development of captive insurance companies from a federal income tax perspective outlining key decisional law, and challenges by the Internal Revenue Service in connection with this area of planning. The article also outlines planning considerations and opportunities for closely-held businesses and professionals to utilize a small captive insurance company in order to achieve many of the same insurance cost conservation and income tax advantages initially available only to the largest corporations. Unlike large and widely-held companies, these taxpayers can combine significant estate planning, wealth transfer and asset protection opportunities that complement the income tax and insurance advantages of captive insurance companies.

To read the article in its entirety, click here


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