Flaster Greenberg Forms Women's Advisory Group

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Lynn LaRowe

This article originally ran on Law360 Pulse on July 19, 2022. All rights reserved.

Flaster Greenberg PC recently announced the formation of an all-female advisory group focused on providing women business owners and professionals with 360-degree legal support by a team of skilled attorneys who understand the life’s challenges women face.

This group is an extension of the firm’s Women’s Initiative whose mission is to promote women attorneys to the highest levels of business development, professional growth, and personal satisfaction.

Law360 Pulse reporter Lynn LaRowe interviewed Mariel Giletto, Flaster Greenberg Shareholder & DEI Committee Chair, who explained that the group was formed after the firm realized the in-house efforts to support female attorneys would also benefit clients.

Mariel recently stated in South Jersey Biz, “I would like to see more women leaders. To accomplish this we need more women to strive for these positions and more men and women in positions of power supporting and mentoring women into these roles.” The Women’s Advisory Group serves as the cornerstone to this important support.  

"How do we make [a female business owner or professional] feel safe and trust in her attorneys? By creating a group of advisors experienced in addressing any of the problems and issues she is facing. Flaster Greenberg has so many talented women from different backgrounds," Giletto said, noting that the firm's female attorneys represent a cross-section of society in terms of race, color, age and other demographics. "The world has that [demographic] package, and we want to take that into consideration when we're providing legal solutions."

Giletto said male attorneys at Flaster Greenberg would also be available to offer their expertise when needed for clients who work with the advisory group, but the group is meant to create a space of trust specifically for female clients. Giletto added that female-owned businesses specifically may need help exploring funding opportunities and certifications available to women.

Click here to read the article in its entirety, which ran in the July 19, 2022 issue of Law360 Pulse. All rights reserved.

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