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Jeremy Cole Speaks on Law Firm Technologies and What Today’s Associates Expect

December 17, 2018 | The Mid-Market Report
Gina Furia-Rubel

Jeremy Cole was quoted in Part I of an article for the Mid-Market Report on what factors drive an associate’s decision to join or remain at a firm. Cole, along with many other attorneys across the country, maintain that utilizing modern technology is an important part of any successful law firm. Cole believes that “the biggest area law firms can grow when it comes to technology is implementation.” He continues by saying that “In my experience, lawyers often do not use all of the tools offered.” Other associates echo these sentiments, and seek to ensure that dedicating time and resources to learn new technologies will be a worthwhile investment into their career and will save time and maximize efficiency, among other benefits.

Click here to read the article authored by Gina Furia-Rubel.

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