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Data Breach Probes, Suits Will Test T-Mobile's Cyber Coverage

| Law360
Shawn Rice

Cybersecurity & date privacy attorney Krishna A. Jani was quoted extensively in a Law360 article on October 1, 2021 focusing on T-Mobile's cyberinsurance coverage and how it could be stretched by a recent data breach that has already spawned two government investigations and a slew of lawsuits by affected customers.

Jani told Law360 that investigations "can often be very fact-sensitive and time-consuming." Still, in the midst of a pandemic with a large portion of the workforce operating remotely, Jani added, many businesses are doing the best they can with their cybersecurity measures and privacy protection.

"That may be a factor to consider in assessing violations and potential penalties," she said.

Jani of Flaster Greenberg is currently seeing clients overhauling their internal security measures to ensure proper safeguards are in place. And other clients have asked for audits of their privacy policies, and other data protection measures, to ensure compliance with new and emerging laws, Jani said.

"Cybersecurity and data privacy are, or should be, on the forefront of every company's radar at the moment because cyberattacks are ramping up in terms of both frequency and sophistication," she said.

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