The Right Cases and Uses for Qualified Settlement Funds


Conference: 2024 Annual Meeting of the Society of Settlement Planners

Description: Qualified settlements funds are widely used to facilitate the settlement of lawsuits. However, their use is subject to limitations under the Treasury Regulations and IRS authorities. This presentation talked about the do-s and don’t-s as well as hot-button issues that have arisen in the marketplace.

Date: March 7, 2024

Location: Nashville, TN

The Society of Settlement Planners is the professional trade organization for those who engage in settlement planning. The SSP is focused on building the profession of settlement planning through regular collaboration of its members and annual conferences. SSP members include settlement planners, structured settlement specialists, attorneys, product providers, and other professionals.

Settlement planning focuses on helping injury victims meet their needs and goals after they receive a legal settlement. SSP members work with the injured party to create a comprehensive and integrated settlement plan.

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