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Invest: South Jersey 2021 Launch Virtual Conference

Flaster Greenberg

With its proximity to Philadelphia, a strong workforce and growing population, the South Jersey market is well-positioned to take advantage of an expected wave of post-pandemic growth. The near-term horizon and the region’s strategies to ensure success will be the focal point of the official Invest: South Jersey 2021 Launch Conference on Thursday, Sept. 23.

During the launch for Invest: South Jersey 2021, an annual report compiled by media platform Capital Analytics, local industry and community leaders will come together to discuss the region’s economic climate and how to prepare for a post-pandemic future. Among the confirmed participants are Camden County Commissioner Director Louis Cappelli Jr. and Cumberland County Improvement Authority President and CEO Gerard Velazquez III.

“We are excited to celebrate the release of our second edition of Invest: South Jersey. There is a great deal of opportunity within the region and we’re excited to showcase the movers and shakers who are helping to create and capitalize on those opportunities,” Capital Analytics CEO Abby Melone said. “There isn’t another publication that delivers the caliber of business intelligence we do for the markets we cover, including South Jersey. South Jersey is unique in that there are fewer resources to understand the local market than typically found in other promising markets, so we are happy to be able to shine a light.”

Invest: South Jersey 2021 provides an in-depth look at what makes the region’s economy tick and the challenges that remain from the perspective of over 200 local leaders and elected officials.

This year’s report focuses on the key industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, finance, logistics, technology, clean energy, life sciences and tourism, that drive the local economy, while considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The South Jersey region has enjoyed continuous growth and economic expansion in recent years. Based on this solid foundation, the region is poised to emerge stronger in a post-COVID-19 landscape.

The 2021 edition also includes special focus chapters on Camden County and Cape May County. The steady supply of a well-educated workforce along with the strong, collaborative environment among academic communities, state and local government and private industry have bolstered South Jersey and made the region a popular landing point for businesses and families.

Melone will present the opening speech for the conference, which starts at 11 a.m. on Zoom Webinar. She will be followed by the keynote speaker, Jose Lozano, President & CEO of Choose New Jersey, and three robust panel discussions.

The first panel, “Clear vision: How South Jersey’s counties are working toward building a stronger economy,” will look at municipal strategies for economic diversification and growth. Moderated by Flaster Greenberg Co-Managing Shareholder Steve Poulathas, the panelists include Velazquez III and Cappelli Jr. alongside Atlantic County Economic Alliance Executive Director Lauren Moore and Salem County Director of County Commissioners Ben Laury.

The second panel, “Opportunity on the horizon: Exploring the future of real estate in South Jersey,” will explore the current state and future of the real estate sector in the region. Moderated by Fulton Bank Senior Vice President and Regional Commercial Executive Louis Lombardi, the panelists include Title America’s President and CEO Joseph Maressa, Gateway Mortgage Regional Vice President Chris Wilhelm and Faropoint Investment Director Itay Ron.

The third panel, “Financial future: What does the new landscape mean for South Jersey’s financial institutions?,” will be presented by OceanFirst Bank Regional President and First Senior Vice President Vincent D’Alessandro. Moderated by M&T Bank Group Vice President Denise Monahan, the panelists include Fox, Penberthy & Dehn at Morgan Stanley Senior Vice President and Executive Director Albert Fox, TD Bank South Jersey Market President Rob Curley and First National Bank of Elmer President and CEO Brian Jones.

More than 500 South Jersey business leaders are expected to attend the digital conference. 

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