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Navigate or Turnaround? How to Steer Clear of Financial Potholes in these Troubled Economic Times

Flaster Greenberg

A special breakfast program for tri-state automotive dealers

8 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. - Registration and Breakfast
8:30 to 10:30 a.m. - Program

Join us as our guest for a breakfast program in Flaster Greenberg’s Conference Center, 1810 Chapel Avenue West in Cherry Hill, NJ. when a panel of Automotive Practice Group attorneys reviews the substantive financial issues automotive dealers are facing today in the midst of a storm of economic bad news that has driven consumer confidence to an all-time low and shaken the stability of the Big 3 manufacturers.

The economic downturn has had an acute impact on all automobile dealers. On the customer side, sales have dropped with consumer confidence. On the financial market side, the turmoil surrounding the U.S. auto manufacturing industry has created general uncertainty, a lack of credit and a lack of liquidity. Our panelists, members of Flaster Greenberg’s Financial Restructuring, Bankruptcy and Risk Management Department will provide information on what to expect if a manufacturer files for bankruptcy and how it will impact your business.

Our speakers will identify proactive steps and other options you can take to shore up your own business and weather the storm.

Kenneth R. Gilberg, Esq.

William J. Burnett, Esq., shareholder
Greg T. Kupniewski, Esq., attorney
Douglas S. Stanger, Esq., shareholder 

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