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One of the more rewarding aspects of practicing law is the opportunity to see our clients’ businesses grow from creative start-up ideas to thriving entities. More than a decade ago, Flaster Greenberg shareholder Alan Zuckerman began his representation of two individuals who decided to tap into their career expertise and industry knowledge and start their own business in the niche area of pharmaceutical marketing. Jeff Persinger and Daniel Egeland named their company BioPharm Communications, which they launched in 2005, and began to flourish almost immediately. Over a ten-year span, Jeff and Daniel saw revenues climb and witnessed the company grow to 57 full-time employees due to the successful development and use of proprietary marketing programs designed to help their pharmaceutical and biotech clients identify marketing opportunities and reach healthcare providers using a range of media and communications channels. BioPharm now serves 17 of the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

During this time, Alan helped Jeff and Daniel form and grow their company through strategic corporate and tax planning, prepared them for a private equity investment in 2012, when the two principals sold a majority interest to the private equity firm -- while still maintaining control of the company. Alan represented BioPharm and the principals in the transaction, which was part sale, part rollover equity, and in connection with their new executive employment agreements. Most recently, in May 2016, Alan again represented Jeff and Daniel in a sale of the company to a large public company that was seeking to expand its own data driven marketing capabilities. The mutually beneficial sale also allows BioPharm to expand their reach within the pharmaceutical industry and utilize the buyers existing creative resources to help better serve their clients.

“As an owner of a growing company, I’ve always needed strong legal counsel to ensure that our vision for our company is executed with the appropriate protections and an understanding of our business model. Alan Zuckerman has been a trusted advisor for BioPharm with regard to both tax and legal issues, from our inception to our recent acquisitions. We have relied on Alan and other Flaster Greenberg attorneys for guidance through many aspects of tax, contracting, trademark, employment, and other legal landscapes for more than 10 years. We’ve enjoyed a close relationship with Alan and the other Flaster Greenberg attorneys, and trust their work and sound advice.” -- Jeff Persinger, Principal, BioPharm Communications

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