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Why Read This Blog?

If you want to really know what’s going on in the world of energy and want to cut out all of the chatter and propaganda, this blog is for you.  Light on the legalese, heavy on the substance and unwilling to leave unchallenged the public positions of anybody or any side, I compress the issues to their core arguments and explain what’s really going on and what’s really at issue.  The core of this blog is brevity.  I write it in a style that gets right to the main points and uses no more language than is necessary.

This blog has grown spectacularly.  Now it is read in the halls of Congress, Governors mansions and the Boardrooms of Fortune 500 corporations.  Come take this journey with me.  You’ll find that anyone who believes we can reduce our energy issues to simple slogans and buzzwords is someone who just isn’t bothering to ask the important questions. I always will.  The political environment may favor one particular view or approach, but this blog always will put that to the test, and always ask the stupid questions along the way.

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