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This is a place to step down from the tightrope of legal restrictions businesses walk everyday, roll up our sleeves and dig in the dirt where everyday business practices grow to address legal compliance and limit liability. This blog focuses on the ever elusive real-world solutions to cutting-edge legal developments that affect businesses ranging from cyber security liability arising from electronically-stored information to evolving issues with employees. As a lawyer, I help business people predict, avoid, and solve problems with employees and other businesses, but it is the intersection between the law and business practices where the decisions that make or break a business are made. The practical side to these legal issues is often overlooked in legal and business publications where lawyers are all too happy to offer scholarly analysis about the latest laws and decisions, without contemplating how that hits your business’s bottom line.

This blog is meant as a discussion point (and, decidedly, not legal advice) to address the pressing practical question that faces businesses: “Now that I know what the law says (or doesn’t say), how to do I implement this in my business without going out of business?” I wish I could say this blog will answer that question, but that is overly ambitious (and probably bad for my business). Nonetheless, short of solutions, this blog will provide context for the legal obstacles businesses face and ideas for practical approaches to solving those problems.

I look forward to taking this journey together, so be sure to comment and contact me if you have specific questions, thoughts or suggestions.


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