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Benefits of Hiring Outside General Counsel: Part 2 – Broader Perspective

As explained in the first part of this series, there are many benefits for businesses if you hire outside general counsel. Part one took a closer look at the efficiencies.  In part two, we explore the benefits of having an experienced attorney on your team who offers a diverse portfolio of legal services.

Outside counsel is not an internal branch of your business and has relationships broader than your organization’s pipeline.  Because outside counsel typically represent a variety of different businesses, they tend to work with a higher volume of legal matters, such as corporate structure, contracts, compliance, employment, finance, and litigation. The volume of legal issues that they encounter gives them more experience with different attorneys across a variety of legal disciplines, more diverse legal experiences, and more exposure to third party professionals (i.e. lenders, financial institutions, insurance brokers, real estate brokers).  The outside counsel can draw on this expertise and the expertise of third-party professionals at the right time, bringing outside knowledge, experience, and relationships to your organization.

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If you have questions hiring outside counsel for your business, please contact Mariel Giletto, corporate shareholder at Flaster Greenberg, at mariel.giletto@flastergreenberg.com or (856) 382.2206.

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