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Alternative Dispute Resolution


Often times, the speediest and most cost-effective way to resolve a dispute is outside of the courtroom. For issues that arise throughout the planning and execution of a project, Flaster Greenberg has a ready team of counsel experienced in all forms of arbitrations and mediations, as well as serving as arbitrators and mediators.

  • Arbitration -- Both parties agree to present their cases to a neutral third party who serves as the fact finder and conducts hearings, considers evidence, and renders a final award. Both sides agree that the proceedings and the award remain confidential. In arbitration proceedings, the neutral third party can be either an individual arbitrator or a member of a panel.
  • Mediation -- A mediator serves as an impartial third party, meeting with each side either separately or together to facilitate a resolution of the matter. Mediators can be court-appointed, agreed upon by both sides, or subject to an existing contractual agreement.


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