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Examples of our work on behalf of clients in the transactional context include:

  • Negotiating responsibility for site remediation and establishing methods/procedures to finance the remediation
  • Review of Phase 1s and Phase 2s (a/k/a Preliminary Assessments and Site Investigations)
  • Evaluating transaction risks
  • Proposing safeguards against environmental liability
  • Assuring compliance with applicable standards, including EPA’s “All Appropriate Inquiry” requirements and state preliminary assessments/due diligence regulations
  • Assisting with transfer of permits
  • Working with environmental consultants and federal and state regulatory agencies to enable property transfer
  • Reviewing violation notices and permits, to ensure regulatory compliance transaction details
  • Preparing filings for regulated companies, including MSDS under OSHA
  • Aiding the development of tailored insurance policies
  • Working with the agencies on site remediation to avoid unsupportable requirements


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