Sales, Mergers and Acquisitions


Whether because of retirement, industry consolidation, or other reasons, healthcare practices and businesses are bought, sold and merged daily. We provide a full range of merger and acquisition (M & A) services to our healthcare clients. From the initial negotiations to the closing, we appreciate that the transfer of ownership of a practice involves more than a simple transfer of assets. Many areas of the law come into play in the sale or merger of a practice, including corporate law, ERISA, federal and state tax law, antitrust issues, third-party reimbursement law, and fraud and abuse laws. Our attorneys assist in determining how best to structure an M & A transaction for a healthcare business from a corporate, tax, liability, antitrust, regulatory and often estate planning perspective when dealing with a closely held business. The knowledge and experience of our attorneys in these areas are all brought to bear whether representing the buyer or the seller in negotiations and documentation. We also can expedite most regulatory aspects of the M&A transaction or the businesses involved where obtaining healthcare licenses, registrations and permits are necessary.


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