Online Trademark Infringement, False Advertising and Unfair Competition


Trademark infringement on the Internet comes in many forms, including cybersquatting, typosquatting, infringing sponsored link ad text, infringing keyword bidding and infringing website advertisements, logos, design, text and other website content. We understand how the law protects our clients’ trademarks against these abuses and assist our clients in creating the best strategies for the enforcement of their trademarks online.

  • Advice and counsel regarding the legality of sponsored link advertisements triggered by searches for our clients’ trademarks and whether “keyword bidding” is trademark infringement
  • Submission of trademark infringement complaints to search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and consultation on when these complaints are effective and appropriate
  • Drafting cease and desist letters to advertisers, competitors and other persons and entities whose conduct constitutes online defamation, unfair competition and trademark infringement
  • Representation in trademark litigation involving online infringement before state and federal courts
  • Evaluation, creation and negotiation of agreements related to online trademark disputes
  • Ongoing assessment and monitoring of third-party uses of clients’ trademarks online, including assessment of third-party use and strategies for preventing third-party use

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