Internet Defamation and Speech


We are experienced in providing legal representation to clients whose reputations and businesses are being harmed by online defamation, whether it is posted by a competitor, a website owner or an anonymous commentator on the Internet. We have represented clients in disputes with “gripe sites” and recognize the impact that false and disparaging statements can have on companies’ and individuals’ reputations and their bottom line when they are posted online.

  • Coordination of efforts with marketing and “search engine optimization” specialists who also seek to minimize the impact of harmful statements on the Internet, but do not work to have statements that violate the law removed permanently
  • Advice and counsel on “gripe sites” and websites containing anonymous consumer complaints, such as,,, and
  • Advice and counsel as to defamation and disparagement on blogs and on video-sharing websites such as YouTube
  • Drafting cease and desist letters to website owners to encourage the removal of statements that violate the law
  • Prosecution of litigation in state and federal courts to remove online defamation


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